is only human to want more. is this character of non-satiety present in us that makes us gullible to the most severe form of addiction. One such addiction is gambling. Although for most people gambling is a mere form of recreation. But all it takes to turn this mere recreation into addiction is just one win and the gambler is left asking for more. Thus they are plunged into a vicious circle of loss.
wever, irrespective of the speed there are three major stages of gambling addiction. They are the winning stage the loosing stage and the depression stage. If you think your loved one may be a victim to gambling addiction ask for professional aid immediately. The compulsive gambling and addiction can be cured in the first and second stage. wever the third stage is extremely problematic and difficult to recover from.
should be noted that acute cases of gambling may lead to mental disorder. The primary reason being that the individual loses everything and hence starts borrowing. Neck-deep in debt and being isolated by everyone they love, these addicts become either suicidal start indulging in drug selling or other forms of addiction. Compulsive gambling and addiction also leads to criminal activities where the addict becomes so helpless that he/she resorts to stealing or even killing.
an initial stage of compulsive gambling a person may not even realize that he is not gambling for mere recreation anymore and are hence reluctant to seek help. Therefore it is very important to read the symptoms. There are certain websites that help you to understand whether you require professional help or not. Apart from that there are certain symptoms like taking time from work and home to gamble, borrowing money in order to gamble and spending every last cent in it is the initiation. Remember that with any addiction acceptance is the first stage of recovery.
erefore for the sake of your family and their well-being if you are getting too much attracted to gambling know that you have a compulsive gambling and addiction. Get help.

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