In almost every casino in the world
be it an online casino or a regular casino, you will find the game of blackjack. Blackjack is the most played and most popular casino card game in the world, although poker is competing for this title in recent years. But although poker is also very popular, online maybe even more popular than blackjack at the moment, blackjack is still standing strong and has been a popular game all over the world for many centuries now.
The game originated in Spain at the end of the Middle Ages. It was very popular amongst the Spanish nobles and the game quickly spread across Europe and Asia in the following centuries. In the early years, the game was known as Twenty One, and it can still be found in many casinos under this name. Blackjack got its name after the game was taken to the United States by European colonists. In the American gambling houses players would get a big bonus when they would hit the ace of spades and one of the two black jacks. That is why the game quickly became known as blackjack. During the years the bonus that players received became a lot smaller and players would get the bonus when they hit any ace and any ten point card, the name blackjack remained however.
Over the years many different variations of the blackjack game appeared, but, as the name may suggest, standard blackjack is the oldest and most basic form of blackjack. Standard blackjack is still played in the same way and with the same rules as the original blackjack game, as it originated in Spain many centuries ago. The only difference is the bonus you get when you hit blackjack. Nowadays you do not have to go to a regular casino anymore, you can just play standard blackjack at one of the many online casinos. On this site we want to give you some information about standard blackjack and where you can play the game.
The How To Play and rules pages we will explain the rules and mechanics of the standard blackjack game. We will also give you some tips for finding a good standard blackjack strategy on the Strategy page. On the Direct Play page we will give some information on the direct play options for standard blackjack. Finally we will also explain how online casinos work and where to find the best online casinos for playing standard blackjack on the Blackjack casinos page and the Top Blackjack page.

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